CBD Oil 444MG Luna

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CBD Oil 444MG Luna



A Blend of Herbs to tone 
and harmonize the rhythms
of the feminine

444MG of Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

(1 customer review)


Synergistic Blend of Full Spectrum 
Hemp CBD Oil

Balances Hormonal Cycles 
Relieves Cramping & Inflamation
During / Before Menstrual Cycle
Relaxes Nervous Tension
Deeply Nourishes the Reproductive
Organs & Yin Energy
Awakens the Purity of the
Feminine Essence

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Dang Gui
Cramp Bark
Blue Cohosh
Licorice Root

** Not for use during pregnancy/breastfeeding mothers

** Not advised for those who have abnormally heavy
or prolonged bleeding during menstrual cycle

444MG of CBD Per 50ML Bottle
9 MG Per Serving – 50 Servings Per Bottle


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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
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1 review for CBD Oil 444MG Luna

  1. Rose

    Wow! This really works! I received this oil as a gift a few months ago when I was sharing my monthly symptoms with a friend; very strong sometime severe cramping and super moody (I felt bad for whomever had to be around me). As mentioned, I was gifted this CBD Luna Oil and thought, “what do I have to loose?” My first cycle I noticed an immediate difference! I had NO cramps, my mood stayed balanced, I was able to go through my flow with a kind gentle ease! I’ve also noticed a difference when I’ve forgotten to take it or didn’t have it handy. I highly recommend this blend, thank you so much Fractal Flowers!

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