Divinity CBD Oil 444MG

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Divinity CBD Oil 444MG



A divine blend of potent earth medicine. 
The clearing & activating properties of Frankincense 
blended with the calming effects of CBD 
creates a blend that activates the system 
while bringing the body into a peaceful state of being

444MG of Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

(1 customer review)


Synergistic Blend of Full Spectrum
Hemp CBD Oil

By making our own Frankincense oil,
rather than using a essential oil,
all aspects of Frankincense are present.
Boswellic acids contain the most healing properties,
which are activated in our full spectrum extract

Aligning & Clearing the energetic system
Known to Relieve Arthritis Pain
Digestion/Gut Health
Boost Immune System
Inflammation modulator
Oral Health

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
Full Spectrum Frankincense Oil
(Boswellia Cartei & Boswellia Sacra)
MCT Coconut oil

444MG of CBD Per 50ML Bottle
9 MG Per Serving – 50 Servings Per Bottle


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1 review for Divinity CBD Oil 444MG

  1. Leslie

    I started using this as a drop on a skin eruption that had been on my forehead for 4 months. I had tried all kinds of things both natural and pharmaceutical. Within 10 days, this thing that I was starting to refer to as my unicorn horn not only settled down, it disappeared like it had never been there before. I’m ordering more as I use it on all those odd skin things that show up.

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