Fractal Flowers

Born from the earth we walk upon

From Seed To Bottle

It is our dream to bring you a CBD medicine
that is birthed in resonance with the earth.
From seed to bottle with conscious creation.
Each drop of medicine has been blessed
awareness & breath. 

Organic / Wildcrafted / Vegan / Non-GMO

Full spectrum CBD with
potent herbs &
pure taste,
o deliver the potency of the medicine
in a form that adapts
 to your body 

Created to be unique

We have created several blends of CBD

 for specific benefits 

Since we are all unique in our own way 

We believe that our medicine 

should be just as unique as our bodies are.

Our blends have been formulated 

by our team of herbalist 

To ensure that you are receiving the 

highest quality medicine 


Pureganic in nature

Created from the ground up 
in resonance with the earth.
Our medicine is first extracted 

with organic alcohol. 
The alcohol is then evaporated 
to create a full spectrum hemp oil 
of the highest quality. 
Containing a complete spectrum
of cananaboinids 




We Stand With The Earth

It is our mission to giving back 

to the Earth for all that she shares with us.
3% of all sales go towards
It is our vision to cultivate 
communities on Earth that will 

help us to connect back to our 
Earth mother who nourishes 
every cell of our being.


Our Tribe is Here For You

Finn Elea

Eye hold a vision of merging
Earth & Sky
Cultivating the healing
radiance of the earth &
sharing that in the form of
High Vibrational
Earth Medicine

Kayra Satya

Herbal Formulations
The plants are my greatest passion, inspiration, and most of all my teachers. I am in service to their survival and the remembrance of their medicine. I am forever grateful and will always remain in awe of their presence
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Adam Super

Web Design
Dedicated to nurturing
visions to life by
creating the platforms
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Jacob Jensen

"As above, so below; as below, so above." The alchemist observes the distilled truth of the natural world around them, recognises the patterns of the many fractals of creation, then recipricates in the laboratory.

Join Our Collective

A tribe of visionaries dreaming a
new life into being 

creating our reality by
sharing our hearts truth 

cultivating abundance as we heal 

We Stand With Earth

3% of all sales go towards forest conservation


Sourced with integrity

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