Pure full spectrum CBD oil 
blended with organic/wildcrafted herbs
to enhance the natural healing 
capacities of the body


We believe in a medicine that
feels & tastes pure. 

Organic full spectrum CBD oil 
synergistically blended with
Wildcrafted/Organic herbs.
Taste & feel the difference 
birthed in resonance with the Earth. 
From seed to bottle,
with conscious creation.

Each drop of medicine
has been created
with awareness & breath 

Organic / Wildcrafted
Vegan/Non GMO

Lucidity 2222mg
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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of dozens of 
non-psychoactive cannabinoids found 
in the hemp plant. 
Cannabinoids are characterized by their 
ability to act on cannabinoid receptors 
that are found throughout the body. 
CBD is a naturally occurring compound 
that is non-toxic and non-intoxicating 
which makes it ideal for people seeking 
the health benefits of cannabinoids 
without the mind altering effects
of medical marijuana.
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Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD contains all of the organic components within the plant. This helps the body to properly assimilate a complete profile of cannabinoids & terpenes

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Small Batch

We create our CBD oil on Kauai in small batches. Our vision is to create the highest quality medicine possible.

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Organic / Wildcrafted

All ingredients that we use are Organic / Wildcrafted. if we are not harvesting our medicine grown here on Kauai, we source from sustainable farms that harvest these sacred plants with loving intention.   

Our Collective


We are at the end of an old paradigm of fear, suppression, disempowerment and neglect. It is imperative that we incorporate practices in our lives that help to restore the Earth and empower ourselves. I work with CBD so that I may relax into my personal evolution of freeing myself from this outdated paradigm with ease, grace and clarity holding the intention that my true soul light will shine into the world as a beacon of unconditional love for others to feel uplifted by. Our Fractal Forest family is rooted in this intention. UBUNTU I am because we are. May the balance I cultivate within ripple out into all beings on Earth. 

From my heart to yours, 

Self love is an unending journey. You can only strengthen your inner awareness through being relentlessly devoted to serving your highest self, every single day. This is not always the most east path, but thankfully.. We have help from our plant friends along the way. We can source our medicine from the earth cradling our skin, instead of relying on the system for our cure. CBD has been an essential element of of my daily self love rituals for about the last year. it softens my mental chatter, and allows my soul to anchor deeper into the ever unfolding beauty of this present moment. It is my hope that this medicine strengthens the source of peace that already lingers within you. it is time to return home. 

As a collective, it is our mission to heal ourselves as we heal the Earth. 3% of all sales from Fractal Flowers Kauai is donated to helping restore the rainforest. Planting trees that help create the pure air we need to thrive on this planet. It is our promise to deliver the highest quality medicine in resonance with the Earth.

Discover the Power of Nature

An offering of organic earth elements.
Our mission is to source the finest 
botanical essences &
nutrient dense superfoods.
With sacred reciprocity & gratitude
for the Earth’s medicine. Synergistically blended
with the highest intention;

an offering to create healing medicine
for the body, heart, & soul.
Fractal Flowers

was created from our love
of Earth medicine & the yearning
to connect & unearth the ancient wisdom
of the plant & mineral kingdoms. Everything that we create,
was made to assist us in our own healing journey.
It is our mission to share the
magical potency of our Earth,
with all who are open to receive.
To offer guidance and support
to people on their healing paths.

Balance of yin & yang , earth & sky.

Our medicines are made by hand,

in small batches in Kilauea, on our 5 acre herbal garden. In tune with the natural cycles of nature. New Moon - Full Moon
We Stand With Earth

3% of all sales go towards forest conservation


Sourced with integrity

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